24 Hours in Tel Aviv: How to Get the Most Out of Them


Once you’ve successfully concluded your business in Tel Aviv, and before it is time to go back home, make sure to take some time to experience and enjoy some of what the city has to offer.


If you only have one day free in Tel Aviv, it could be overwhelming trying to figure out and decide what to do in order to experience it to the fullest potential. Everyone is different and has varying tastes; Some people are looking for more relaxing activities in Tel Aviv while others are looking for more action. With this in mind, we’ve put together this sample itinerary to help give you some direction:


1.  Starting your day – 8.00-9:00

There is no better way to start a day in Israel, than with an amazing Israeli breakfast...and there is no better breakfast fare in Tel Aviv than at the magnificent Mashya Restaurant. Select one of their decadent dishes, ranging from traditional omelets to something a little more exotic, like a “White” Shaksuka. Or get immersed in the amazing open buffet. But don’t spend too much time eating breakfast. You still have lots to experience, today!


2.  A stroll through Tel Aviv’s Markets – 9.00-11:00

If you’ve really planned well, then your free day will be Friday, when Tel Aviv comes alive with bustling markets. Walk along Nahalat Binyamin (open Tuesdays and Fridays) if you’re looking for souvenirs, art work, hand crafts and much more. Then take a side-step into the adjacent Shuk Ha’Carmel – Tel Aviv’s main produce market. But there is much more than just fruit and vegetables in the Carmel Market – candies, baked goods, and one of the best cheese shops in Israel can be found there, as well.


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3. Beach Time – 11.00-2.00

Time to catch some rays on Tel Aviv’s beaches (and don’t forgot the sun screen!)


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Try Frishman Beach (5 minutes from the Mendeli Street Hotel) to relax, swim the in the Mediterranean, or play a game of “Matkot” – Israel’s national pastime (known elsewhere as beach bats or paddle ball).


4. Lunch Time at Jaffa Port – 2.00-6.00

Forget your afternoon siesta, there’s just too much to do! Head over to Jaffa Port for an amazing sea food lunch, if that’s your fancy. Or grab yourself an amazing pita and hummus lunch at any of the many traditional restaurants which abound in this ancient, multi-cultural town.


After lunch, you’ll want to walk it off, and you can best do this by taking a stroll through the alleys and cobbled streets of Old Jaffa. Take advantage of this time to visit the interesting art galleries, museums and boutique shops along the way.


5. Early Evening – 6.00-7.00

You can easily walk from Jaffa to “HaTachana”, the restored railway station compound on Jaffa’s border. This area is packed with restaurants and snack bars where you can stop for a coffee or a drink. Then, sneak over to the charming and aesthetic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek to get to the iconic Anita’s or Tartufo ice cream shops, and enjoy the best ice cream in Tel Aviv.


6. Winding Down - 7.00-11.00

Back to the hotel to rest, take a shower, change and head on out again for dinner in one of Tel Aviv’s amazing cosmopolitan restaurants: anything from local or traditional cuisine to exotic Thai, Japanese, Italian, Georgian, Mexican, and everything in between! 


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7.  Winding Up! - 11.00 ‘till...??? (You decide!)

Near midnight is when Tel Aviv comes alive -- every night of the week – with clubs, pubs, dancing and socializing. 


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Tel Aviv is where Israelis come to play until the wee hours of the morning. Where you should go highly depends on what type of nightlife you like, for example:


The Pasaz (pronounced “paságe”) is great for music lovers with eclectic taste, where they often have live shows
The Bellboy Bar is great if you like specialty cocktails in a nice, intimate environment
Mendelimos, which is just down the street from the Mendeli Street Hotel, is a fun bar with a lively vibe and good music
Story is a popular dance club to go to, where they have mainstream dance music


For more recommendations, ask the locals that you met here during your business trip. They will be more than happy to help you (or take you out!)


There are also nightlife tours that you can go on, and they will take you to a variety of different types of spots.

Hopefully you’ve left enough time to get back to the hotel, pack and make it to the airport in time for your flight home. But if not, then you’ll just have to stay and enjoy another 24 hours in Tel Aviv!