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19 April, 2016

Mendeli Street Hotel guide to strolling Neve Tzedek

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Greeting the day with an invigorating-positive-energy-filling breakfast at Mendeli's and then hitting the streets towards picturesque neighborhood Neve Tzedek: the best of plans on any given day in Tel Aviv.


Tucked away in southwest Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek, namely the Oasis of Justice, was the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the port city of Jaffa in the late 1800’s, when Jaffa was becoming overcrowded.


Now, in the twenty first century, when Tel Aviv feels congested, locals and tourists seek tranquility strolling once again the cobbled streets of Neve Tzedek, discovering charming turn of the century houses and fruity gardens. The exotic Middle Eastern touch is brought by free range chickens clucking their way in corners and parks.   


Indeed, Neve Tzedek screams vintage, and from being a slum in danger of being knocked down, as most vintage temperament things and places, now it has become one of the trendiest areas of the city. With its cultural venues, dining places and, of course, shops.  And it is only a short walk away from Mendeli Street Hotel.


Shabazi Street is Neve Tzedek’s main road, but do not miss the side lanes to uncover little shops and buildings.

The world’s only Matkot museum. The Israeli version of beach paddle has its own museum. Amnon Nissim, matkot champion and matkot guru, transformed his home in an amazing museum, with 350 matkot (paddles) in every form and shape. Plus many other eccentricities worth checking out. 


The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater is Israel’s premier dance center. The Bauhaus style complex sits in a chic piazza with charming gardens and a café.  Perfect for an aperitif.


The Nachum Gutman Museum on Rokach Street, another fine architectural example of the Bauhaus style, Mendeli guests can see exhibits of the artist and also learn about the rich history of Neve Tzedek.

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