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22 March, 2016

Mendeli’s guide to celebrating Purim in Tel Aviv

celebrating Purim in Tel Aviv

Costume parties are a transcultural phenomenon and Israel celebrates its own Jewish carnival, Purim, at the beginning of spring, with its hundred per cent of costume party accompanied by a high percentage of sweets and alcohol.


For starters, staff at Mendeli Street Hotel will greet guests disguised with fantastic carnival costumes on Thursday to make them smile and maybe also inspire them to join the festivities.

Whoever did not come prepared for this contagious event would not have to worry: when Purim is around the corner temporary disguise stores blossom all over Tel Aviv, literally, and it is easier than ever to become a pirate, a princess, a phantom of the opera and whatnot unexpectedly.

These days Tel Avivians start to sport timid carnival props and that tendency slowly builds up to its climax on the craze of Purim parties, from March 24th until the 26th. When bashes are held in streets, houses, workplaces, schools… and when locals and tourists show off the most credible and incredible costumes!

A quick insight: the main street party will be held in Kikar Hamedina. The mega event features performances of popular Israeli musicians and it starts at 11 in the morning on Friday.

However, for those who prefer something more eccentric, there is also the Tel Aviv Purim zombie walk. Where thousands of zombies meet at 21:00 at the corner of Ben Zion Boulevard and King George, in a very un-zombie like programed manner, in order invade the city. It’s a spectacle!

And at Mendeli’s lounge and bar area we will be waiting for you, in disguise or not, to make a toast to happiness, life and celebration. 

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