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29 September, 2016

Mendeli wishes you a very Happy New Year!

Fall comes and brings with it a new year: 5777 according to the Hebrew calendar. And right after Rosh Hashana, The Jewish New Year, the rest of the High Holidays follow, with Yom Kippur by midmonth and Sukkot by the end of the month.

Jews celebrate Rosh Hashana as usual: eating and drinking. This time, the protagonists of the feasts are apples, honey and pomegranates, to make sure next year is going to be sweet and prosperous.

An estimated 15,000 tons of apples and about 1,600 tons of honey are consumed during the month of Rosh Hashana by Jews all over the world. And while some celebrate the creation of Adam and Eve and the materialization of God’s will on earth through humanity, others commemorate the start of the agricultural cycle and the beginning of the economic year as it was tradition in the ancient Near East.

Both are celebrations of new beginnings. And at The Mendeli Street Hotel, our sweet boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, we love new beginnings. We welcome our guests for a toast at our bar with some bubbly alcohol for a sparkling future.

 We raise our glass for a wonderful new year for us all, full of happiness, success, good health and good times at Mendeli! Shana tova!


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