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1 November, 2016

Mendeli suggests a visit to the Port

The northern port of Tel Aviv, “Namal” in Hebrew, is a nice walking distance from Mendeli along the maritime promenade.   

The story of Tel Aviv port began way back in the 1930’s after riots in Jaffa brought about the need for a new shipping port.

But its active port life didn’t last long. With the opening of the Ashdod sea port in 1965, the Namal became an afterthought when it came to shipping. However, after many years of neglect, it has been refurbished into a highly fashionable hangout.

You won’t see any ships docking in its harbor but flocks of people enjoying some of the city’s best nightclubs and bars, like Galina Bar, Uptown dance bar or Shablul Jazz Club, also restaurants, like Mul Yam, and shops, from designers’ clothes and shoe ware to art and accessories. At the wave-like wooden deck people jog, skate, bike, stroll and even fish. 

The Namal also hosts a Farmer’s Market with all sorts of tempting products. Very difficult not to succumb to their enchantment… So when you’re back from the port that is not a port to your urban oasis that is indeed an urban oasis, Mendeli Street Hotel, with the species and maybe wine you couldn’t help buying, we will welcome you back with our usual warmth. Welcome to Mendeli. 

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