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6 February, 2017

Israel, tourism and Mendeli

Israel reunites an incredible amount of touristic attractions. The diversity of its cities, from the historically charged Jerusalem to the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, unique natural spots, from the lunar landscape of the Dead Sea area to the lush green Mountains of the Galilee, archeological sites, ecotourism, and the vibrating life in every corner. The markets, the theatres, the food, the people...


The country welcomes around 3.5 million tourists per year and, of course, it is impossible not to remind the tourists of the wonderful hotels Israel has to offer, from the big hotels to the cozy cabins, spread out all over the country.

The lively city of Tel Aviv is home to Mendeli Street Hotel, a boutique hotel from the fairy tales welcomes all of those joining the IMTM international tourism fair. Visitors at the fair will meet the most widely traveled group of people in the world and will be acquainted with the very Israeli custom of travelling frequently, the Israeli public registers over 4 million trips abroad per year!

And our boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, located in a privileged little street in the center of the city, with quiet designed rooms for demanding guests and the best breakfast in town, reminds visitors from all around the world why Israel is a tourism power.   

Tel Aviv is
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