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10 October, 2016

Happy holidays, from Mendeli

On Yom Kippur, when Tel Aviv, as well as all Israeli cities, is empty of traffic, children and adults celebrate this much awaited event by taking the streets and avenues with their bikes, skates and roller blades.  

Some people go to the synagogue and fast, thinking of their sins against fellow humans and God, and hoping for pardon through fasting. Secular people also fast, with different variations and intensities, either as part of tradition or due to a health believe.

And while the idea is to reflect and repent, mostly in silence, until the sound of the shofar breaks the fast and the holiday at the end of the second day, on Kippur there is a different kind of noise in the streets. Although no businesses are open, except for hotels, and no traffic can be heard, the laughs and rings and swooshes of cyclists and skaters happily tear the quietness.

Mendeli Street Hotel welcomes its guests also on Yom Kippur, to our quiet corners and friendly atmosphere, to our beautiful designed rooms and our chick lounge, to our exquisite service and concern for our guest’s wellbeing. Welcome to Tel Aviv, welcome to Mendeli!

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