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8 November, 2016

Dance festival and Mendeli

People have been dancing since the beginning of time, there is archeological evidence of this in 9,000 year-old paintings in India, for instance.

And archeologists suggest that before the invention of written language, dance was a way of passing stories down from generation to generation.  

In the twenty first century, dance performances go from simple presentations to complex junctions of elements on stage, but the original intention stays pretty much the same: communication.

And in Tel Aviv, a unique festival takes place; it is a festival that is a celebration of all onstage arts related to dance. It is called Curtain Up and it will happen from November 9th to 19th in the beautiful Suzanne Dellal center for the arts at the picturesque Neve Tsedek neighborhood.  

Curtin Up is a festival for independent artists where they can discover and be discovered by a larger public, and other professionals. The participants include performers, producers, costume designers and more.

Hosted annually around November, The Curtain Up Festival chooses a different group of dancers every year to spot the next dancing superstars and get them featured in the festival.

And your superstar hotel in the White City, Mendeli Street Hotel, welcomes you and all dance lovers to our harmonic atmosphere of good vibes, excellent service and privileged location.

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