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23 August, 2016

5 Happiest spots in Tel Aviv, according to Mendeli Street Hotel

To many, happiness is living the moment, and in a recent study by Columbia University Israel ranked ahead of the United States, Great Britain and France in happiness, in the 11th place out of 157 countries.

Tel Aviv, in the heart of Israel, is a city bursting with opportunities, places and situations to create moments of happiness, laughter and gratitude, and at Mendeli Street Hotel we know a lot about that.

Here is our modest guide for the happiest spots of this city:


1.Mendeli’s Bar

The good vibes atmosphere at our lovely bar sparks happiness and wellbeing, and our expert barmen and women will surely make you smile.  


2. Kikar HaTizmoret Garden

Kikar Hatizmoret Garden –The Orchestra Square Garden- at Habima Square is decorated with flashes of cultural joy and urban optimism. Located at the start of the busy Rothschild Boulevard, the flower garden offers a moment of colorful calm.

3. Kuli Alma

This thriving locale suits anyone who is looking for a grand time, every time. For an extra dose of happy, order one of their specialty slushies or their decadent dessert pizza.

This place is the star of the scene thanks to its cutting edge enthusiasm for art, culture and of course, music and you are invited to cruise its majestic maze of rooms splashed with murals from local artists and vintage films.

10, Mikveh Israel

Telephone: 03 656 5155

4. The Bridge of Love

Connecting Gan HaPisga and Kdumim Square in the heart of Jaffa’s Old City, is the Bridge of Love. Urban legend has it that if a person makes a wish while touching the appropriate astrological plaque on the bridge, while gazing out at the Mediterranean Sea, his or her wish will come true. In the event the legend is not true, at least a visit to the Love Bridge will not leave you indifferent.

5. The Mediterranean shore

Moments away from Mendeli, the warm waters of the sea caressing the sand and your feet are the perfect recipe for happiness.


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