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10 August, 2016

The three best ways to relax in Tel Aviv

The hectic metropolis of Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps, actually does sleep and even offers much appreciated spaces for relaxation, starting at Mendeli Street Hotel.

Here are three tranquil corners and moments for your vacation days and business trip as well.

Relaxing at Mendeli

With us all your senses can be treated to a variety of soothing activities. Starting with your sight -the clean lines of our modern boutique hotel will comfort your gaze-, via your taste – can you imagine something more tempting and bud caressing than a wild fish, artichoke tapenade, pearl onions, celery & parsley cream at our Mashyia restaurant?-. Or touch: our heavenly linens in our divine beds that will hug you lovingly. Welcome to Mendeli!

Peaceful shore

The seashore Promenade, only minutes away from Mendeli, offers sweet spots where you can indulge yourself with a caipirinha, for instance, while enjoying the sunset. For the more active, a yoga session on the beach is a great plan.

Manta Ray’s veranda

A recommendation: reserve a table in the veranda; you, a nice glass of wine, their appetizers and the horizon.

Address: "Alma Beach"
Tel: (03) 517-4773
Open: Sun-Sat 9:00-24:00

Gan Ha-Atzmaut, Independece park

Overlooking Hilton Beach this little park used to be very active in the past, however these days it is a tranquil green spot, with shady trees and grass, most inviting for a picnic, a book immersion, a romantic stroll or a meditation session gazing the Mediterranean.

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Located 2 min. from the beach

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