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24 May, 2017

10 Hotspots Not to Miss During the Tel Aviv Gay Parade 2017

If you are looking to visit a city that’s flamboyant and erotic in more ways than one, Tel Aviv is the right city for you!


The city is known for its legendary experiences that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Its constant upbeat vibes and acceptance of everyone makes it one of the most unique destinations in the world.


In 2015 Tel Aviv was named WOW Travels: Most Gay Friendly City in the World. If you have ever visited Tel Aviv this will come as no surprise. The welcoming city is warm, friendly, and prided on their gay community. The annual Gay Parade is a highly-anticipated event and enjoyed by all! If you’re looking for the epitome of a celebration then you won’t want to miss the Gay Parade 2017 on June 9. The Parade is the pinnacle of the events that takes place during Gay Pride week, a week filled with events and parties that dominate city life in honor of the gay community. If you want to be able to experience the week in the best way,  use a bike as your mode of transportation to get a good view of the entire city filled with gay pride flags, rainbow colored crosswalks, and most importantly the energetic Tel Avivians.


Last year, The Tel Aviv Gay Parade included more than 200,000 upbeat people of every gender, religion and color, whom flooded the streets for a celebration of acceptance, love and joy. This year’s numbers are expected to be even greater!


Explore Tel Aviv to get real feel for its open culture, which involves the best parts of life: eating, drinking and partying! Here are 10 of the hottest gay hotspots and parties in the city:


The Gay Center

In 2008, the city opened the first municipal gay center in Israel, The Gay Center. Located in the center of Tel Aviv, the LGBT community considers it an integral part of their culture presence. It provides an environment for LGBT individuals to obtain resources and stay connected with the fiercest upcoming events. Access to additional services such as health care, cultural events, meetings of different LGBT groups and much more are provided by the center.


The Gay Beach

You don’t have to look too hard to find this hotspot! The Gay Beach, located near the Hilton Hotel, is open to all, but it is particularly favored by the gay community. It is where the party’s at! Just look for the rainbow umbrellas and hunky men, and pull up a beach chair!


The Mendeli Street Hotel

What post about gay hotspots in Tel Aviv could be complete without mentioning the Mendeli Street Hotel? Our gay-friendly designer hotel reflects the contemporary spirit of Tel Aviv. Located just 2 minutes away from the beach, it offers class and style. And it is home to the Mashya Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Round up your friends and experience it for yourself! It encapsulates the best of Tel Aviv: welcoming, modern and stylish.



The widely popular and recently redesigned Shpagat wine bar is located right in the center of downtown Tel Aviv, near the Carmel market. It is open from 19:00 until the morning hours and you don’t want to miss out!


PAPA Party

Founded during the 2010 Tel Aviv Pride by Eliad Cohen (Twitter: @EliadCohen1), PAPA PARTY has become one of the most well sought-after parties in the world. Traveling from continent to continent, Eliad brings his vivacity and vibrant style to international gay communities. His world-class DJ abilities, exceptional performances and other surprises throughout the night are accompanied by an incredible energy.


OCD Parties

Local crowds flock to OCD’s Monday party! It’s the place everyone wants to be, featuring: an intimate dance floor, extensive bar, and visually appealing designs. It offers a mix of intimate space and an atmosphere of wild partying!



Claiming to be the “Mizrahi” (Eastern Jewish) gay party, this place brings a special style and excitement to the party scene. Check out their video on YouTube.



The Israeli D.J. Magazine named the FFF Group as the number one party-line in Israel. The FFF Group is known for its bi-weekly themed and creatively decorative parties. The diverse crowds and special performances makes it a hot party spot!


Dreck Party

At this gay bar, the party lasts all night. This dance and night club closes after 6:00 a.m. and that still won’t seem long enough! The reviews on the club’s Facebook page range from: “Great Music, great Atmosphere. Best Party!” to “Simply the best party, period.”...and everything in between!



PAG is a bi-weekly techno night that is slightly different from the normal club scene. Incorporating art and fashion in its agenda, it one of the oldest (established in 2003) and most well-known LGBT party lines in Tel Aviv.


Whatever your preference in partying, accommodation, food or just hanging out, Tel Aviv is a haven for the gay traveler! Don’t miss Tel Aviv’s Gay Parade 2017. It’s an experience not to be missed, and one that you’ll never forget!


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